Management of Nurihall

To strengthen the competitiveness of local universities and to promote globalization of Daejeon, 10 organizations including Daejeon city, 8 universities located in Daejeon and Expo Science Park built Nurihall (dormitory for foreign and study-abroad students) and have managed it in cooperation each other.

  • Outline of construction
  • Total ground area : 7,043㎡ (1 basement, 10-floor)
  • Main facilities : cafeteria, lounge, weight room, kitchen
  • Construction cost : 8.6 billion won (8 universities participaants: Daejeon University, Mok Won University, Pai Chai University, Woosong University, Chungnam University, KAIST, Hannam University, Hanbat University)
  • Operational status
  • Seating capacity: 448 people ( double-occupancy : 224 rooms )
  • Management contents: administration of students from about 20 countries in the 8 universities in Daejeon area