Daecheongho Lake Obaengnigil

Management of Daechengho Lake Obaengnigil

It is about 200km long walking track that covers all small rivers and natural villages, hiking trails, walks along the mountain fortress around Daecheongho Lake in Daejeon/Chungcheong area.

  • Outline of Daechengho Lake Obaengnigil
  • Spatial range: Donggu and Daedeokgu districts in Daejeon city, Cheongwon, Boeun, Okcheon in Chungcheongbukdo province
  • Section and length: 21 sections in total, about 220km
  • Major attractions: Daecheong dam, Chudong wetland park, Daecheongho natural ecology museum, Maitreya, Gwandongmyoryeo, Hongjinmadil, Silver grass walk, Cheongnamdae, The Land of the Korean peninsula shape, Cherry Blossoms drive road
  • Operational status
  • Staff : 2
  • Management period : Managing under constrained city hall (period: 2013. 8. 1~ 2019. 12. 31)
  • Content of business : Maintenance and management of Daechengho Lake Obaengnigil