Daejeon medical tourism business

By activation of medical tourism combining medical service and tourism, boosting city brands of Daejeon and promoting local economic activation.

Outline of propulsion

  • Organizing a dedicated department for establishing a foundation and systematic operation of Daejeon medical tourism
  • Creating a medical tourism team with the opening of DIME and entrustment of medical tourism support business
  • Managing efficient business development for activation of Daejeon medical tourism

Major achievement

  • Promotion of medical tourism
  • Strengthen promotion activities for foreign students and multicultural families
  • Activation of medical tourism promotion with MICE related events
  • Managing SNS and Daejeon medical tourism homepage
  • Increase awareness of medical tourism and the level of expansion
  • Development of customized medical tourism
  • Invitation and support for medical tourism famtour
  • Support medical tourism overseas and marketing activities
  • Managing medical tourism Korean wave camp for juvenile
  • Managing coordinator to interpret for patients in overseas medical institution
  • Cooperative designated medical institution
  • Activation of Daejeon medical tourism through making of attracting environment for foreign patients, readiness condition and good images of medical institution
  • Giving priority to participation for medical tourism project and support product development and promotion marketing
  • Cooperative designated medical institution
    : Chungnam University hospital, Geonyang University hospital, Daejeon Sun hospital, Daejeon Woori hospital, Plus cosmetic surgery, Bodi ophthalmology, Kimbel dermatology

Propulsion plan hereafter

  • Activation of Daejeon medical tourism
  • Activation of attracting foreign patients through customized patient medical tourism and expansion of overseas cooperative medical division
  • Activation of local economy through developing medical tourism related products on different illness and expanding cooperation of interagency relations
  • Base expansion of Daejeon medical tourism
  • Increasing promotion online, expanding participation of main cooperative medical institutions, strengthening the role of coordinator