Daejeon Convention Center

Efficient management of Daejeon Convention Center for promoting MICE business which is a new growth engine industry and boosting city brands, contributing to city image and local economy

Main History

  • Daejeon Convention Center opening (operating entity : Daejeon convention bureau)
  • Daejeon convention bureau was dissolved
  • All of the rights and the duty of it were transferred to DIME.

Major Facilities

  • Scale/building cost : 1 basement, 4-floor / building cost (51 billion won)
  • Exhibition hall and conference room (maximum 6,401 people seating capacity)
  • Exhibition hall : 2,520㎡ (3m x 3m 113 booth)
  • conference room : 4,064㎡(grand ballroom 1, Medium-sized room 6, small sized room 6, conference hall 1)

Propulsion of convention supporting business

  • Establishment of Daejeon MICE portal
  • Establishment of comprehensive information delivery system integrating convention, exhibition, performance and tourism in Daejeon
  • Management of Daejeon MICE academy
  • Practical training related with exhibition, convention, tourism for job seekers after university graduation and internship support