Promoting MICE industrial activation

Contribution to activation of regional economy by qualitative growth and increase of hosting MICE, developing regional specialized exhibition and convention business and activating operation of MICE facilities.

Increase of hosting international events

Hosting main international events and nationwide events

Propulsion of urban marketing related MICE

Asia’s first international urban marketing certification by international standard

Ranking 4thinKoreainhostinginternationalmeetings(ICCAandUIAstandard)

Reinforcement of network deployment in domestic and foreign networks

Management of MICE Alliance in Daejeon/Chungcheong area

  • Managing the local first council for international congress to attract

Management of international science convention Alliance

  • Managing global consultative organizations with international science convention cities and conducting information exchange cooperation projects of international events

Foster Daejeon MICE human resource

  • Daejeon MICE supporters consist of university students
  • MICE academy for MICE related university students and job seekers

Propulsion of exhibition business

Foster Daejeon MICE human resource

  • Preparation of short and long-term development base for exhibition business
  • Setting up the short and long-term road map for development of Daejeon exhibition business

Hosting exhibitions and new exhibition discovery

  • Hosting national defense exhibition through advanced defense in a science city branding and positioning
  • Hosting and discovering exhibitions linked with the strategic industry in Daejeon