Introduction of CI


Corporate mark is designed to visualize the vision of DIME and to establish the corporate identity

It serves as a pivotal role for the integrated organizations and members. It is also abbreviated to DIME from Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise to deliver its purpose and the value of it quickly. By building a visual communication system and a name-centered strategic language of DIME, it is designed to make its business activities easy.

The letter ‘E’ of DIME contains the meaning of value and growth of the enterprise.
Regarding colors, blue represents trust and responsibility as a public enterprise, orange represents a global passion and energy of executives and employees about business, and green represents its friendly service spirit towards citizens and customers. So the mark contains the core values to deliver the enterprise’s vision effectively.

마크 각 단어에 대한 의미
Graphic Icons Meaning Keywords Icon Meaning
D Daejeon,
House Direction
The design is based on the approved graphic code concept when the visual direction switches. ‘D’ is the icon for the house and means direction and value.
I High Turn the initial ‘I’ and you can see the H which means High service and High income of DIME.
M Sigma Turn the letter ‘M’ and you can see the icon sigma, it represents overall customer satisfaction management marketing, customer value-oriented internal systems and also means the oncentrated efforts of employees to achieve them.
E Panorama Turn the letter ‘E’ and you can see the icon of five lines. It means panorama which represents Panorama event; providing a variety of entertainment for customers (citizens)