Welcome to Daejeon.

Thank you for visiting the website of Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise, which creates and realizes the new future value of Daejeon, the center of our land.

Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise is a local corporation that creates brands of the city in Daejeon and is in charge of urban marketing in Daejeon based on local tourism, cultural festivals, and MICE programs.

Daejeon connects Yeongnam and Honam areas as well as links the capital area and local areas geographically. Since it has grown as a core of science technology research and development of Korea, Daejeon had hosted the World Expo in 1993 for the first time in Korea. Daejeon is on the verge of a new leap forward as a futuristic advanced city by carrying on “recreation of Expo”, etc.

To meet the efforts of the city, the Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise has been carrying on diverse businesses contributing to the development of the local economy while letting the world know about Daejeon through tourism, local festivals, hosting international conferences and exhibitions.

Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise will make the best effort to make the better Daejeon where everyone can enjoy its happy daily life with the harmony between the city, nature, culture, and art, tradition and advanced industries, and domestic and foreign residents.

I hope you will show a lot of interest, affection, and good opinion and support.
Thank you so much.

Choi Chul-Kyu,
President of Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise (DIME)