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Experiential Learning

Imagination Science Academy

Imagination Science Academy
The Academy offers organized science programs to stimulate curiosity and imagination. The science education program consists of three specialized areas :‘Play with Science’combining science education with play; ‘Science starts with Curiosity’ using advanced educational tools; and ‘Active imagination and experimental science:” teaching science based on five senses. The three execution phases are as follows: ‘Imagination: Science Fair (introduction phase)’, ‘Imagination: Science Explore (development phase)’, and ‘Imagination: Science Experiment (experiment and practice phase).’ This facility offers distinguished science education services, through which participants can learn interesting scientific phenomena and theory while engaged in play. In addition, the Academy provides differentiated and customized programs depending on participant’ ability.

※ Imagination Science Academy’s experimental learning program operates in an innovative way by utilizing advanced tools for science education and providing unique activities such as: ‘Imagination Science Academy Edu-Tour’ and ‘Imagination Science Academy Edu-Station.’In addition,‘Special Exhibition on Science and Technology Education Content’, held only during weekends, provides a science pavilion where visitors participate in interesting activities while enjoying the fun of completing various missions given to them.

Craft Class

Creative Mathematics – 4D Frame
Touch Mathematics, Experience Science, Make Crafts.

4D Frame aka the 3rd soil is an experiential learning tool that makes complex structures and explains mathematical theories in an easy and interesting way. It helps people easily understand advanced three dimensional structures and experience the mathematical theories hidden behind ancient buildings.

Craft Class

Craft Class
This class offers visitors a chance to craft souvenirs of their own while learning scientific theories.
(e.g. traditional top, DIY with wood, wooden bug, Sotdae [a pole signifying prayer for a good harvest], traditional mask drawing, etc.) From traditional to creative crafts.

Best Hands-on Experience System – Eight different classes are held every day. Participants can choose of which they would like to enroll.
Best Instructors – Instructors with over five years of experience currently operate the shops and teach the craft classes.
Best Operation – Classes are organized thoroughly from beginning to end with efficient time allocation.
Programs – traditional top and science / traditional masks and animal masks / Jangseung (a traditional totem pole) of fortune / the art of traditional knotting / beads craft / stencil and folk art / POP and foam art / the beauty of felt craft / paper quilling art / stone mosaic craft / Dokdo our land