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Kumdori Square

Kumdori Square
About Kumdori Square
The Information and Communications Pavilion site has transformed into a square clad of green grass. In association with Daejeon Youth Education Institute, here we operate a campsite where children and adolescents can get away from their daily routines and have hands-on experiences in science and ecology.
About Facility
Area: approx. 5,000㎡ (1,512 pyeong)
Facilities: main building, first aid, water fountains, shower booths (in the park), restrooms (in the park)
Campsite Information: 042)863-8673, Daejeon Youth Education Institute
Purpose of Use: performances or camping
Story of Kumdori Square
Kumdori Square is a place , close to nature, where people get away from the crowded city center and take rest. In this “Green Space,” people will be able to renew their passions by watching various performances, cultivate their bodies and minds through outdoor-camping, and release stress through recreational games.

Kumdori , who had left us after successfully completing Expo 1993, came back to us and unveiled this “Green Space” filled with fresh green sprouts.

This site was visited by many people during the 1993. Expo This site has been been here since the days of the "Information and Communications Pavillion. By offering children and adolescents an opportunity to have a look at cutting-edge technology, as well as the future of communications, the Pavilion served as a place where young children cultivate their dreams and spread their wings of imagination.

The future that was thought to be possible only in our imganations has now been realized. However, it seems that the technology that made all our dreams possible is simulateneously closing us off from each other. Interpersonal communication is increasingly manifested through an electronic gadget of some sort. We could benefit from reclaiming face-to-face communication dynamics.

Kumdori, pained by the increasing interpersonal communication distance, has returned to provide renewed hope in humanity. Kumdori torn down all the walls and rebuilt this place as an open field where people could achieve the balance of mind and body.

Kumdori Square is a place of nature where people get away from the crowded city and take rest. Now, why don’t we hold hands with Kumdori and go to the Green World where all can be friends?