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Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities
Outdoor Activities
The outdoor activity complex consists of Science Square’ equipped with hands-on science tools; 'Insight into the Future' where international exhibits are displayed; and 'Solar Energy Park' which promotes Korea as a leading Research & Development nation in the arena of Alternative Energy.
Science Square
Xylophone: Check natural frequency through variations in material, shape, and size.
Vortex sewer: A device facilitating drainage through a vortex.
Odd mirror: Changes in reflections and number of images created by different angles of multiple flat mirrors
Be Hercules: A device to multiply power through water pressure
Back and forth: Learning about power transmission through using gears, cams, belts, and chains
Floating up?: Anti-gravity machine
I am faster: Acceleration is more powerful in a curved rail
Water fountain play: Converting pressure into piston movement
Sound antenna: Sound waves converging on a concave panel makes clear sound
I am Stronger: Diversifying power by using pulleys
I am a Marksman: A water cannon with an air pressure pump
Water floating backward: A water pumping device using a screw pump
Tube Phone: A device used to prevent the diffusion of sounds
Transparent Book: A transparent book that uses a light sensor
Convex Mirror: Understanding the characteristics of the parabolic mirror
Treadwheel: A large amusement facility looking after a treadwheel
Block and Tackle: A water pump operated by pulleys
Insight into the Future
The exhibition of 21 pieces of art by 21 international artists.
‘Solar Energy Park’
The photovoltaic power generation system was built with government subsidies in a bid to increase energy efficiency at the facility as well as increase community awareness regarding alternative energy in an attempt to facilitate its use.
Power-generation capacity: 10 kwp

A solar cell is a semiconductor that converts photovoltaic energy into electrical energy. Photovoltaics (PV) is a power generation method based on the photoelectric effect of solar cells that absorb solar light and emit electricity. PV converts solar energy directly into electricity without combustion; so that it doesn’t emit or generate any air pollutants or wastes.