D-Light Daejeon

D-light 대전

“Shining Starlight of Daejeon”

Daejeon has been selected as a specialized city for night tourism in 2023.
With the success of night tourism and the revitalization of the local economy,
We hope it will be a good area to live in.
Daejeon, where Kkumdori traveled, is a city where science and technology infrastructure
and contents are uniquely concentrated in Korea.
Currently, Here Daejeon is the science capital of Korea.
we have established a vision and goal to become a
"night tourism city with science" by emphasizing the theme of "night science.“
"D-Light, Daejeon" is a slogan that represents the night of Daejeon and has the meanings of
"Delight," "Daejeon light," and "Dream light.“
Feel dreams and hopes while looking at the stars and city lights in the deep night sky.
Feel the pleasure and joy.
We will do our best to help people stay for a long time
by using Daejeon's science & culture & art to show
their differentiation from other cities and increase the brand of tourist cities.
Like a space trip, feel the only science-themed night tourism city
created by the future, art, and people in Daejeon at night.